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By Zujora


The fact that Street Fighter II is seeing another re-release later this year isn't all that surprising. What was surprising is that this latest rerelease of the ur-fighting game would come on an actual, playable Super NES cartridge. Re-releasing old games on new hardware has long been common, of course, and there's also been a growing niche industry of specialists releasing online cartridge versions of homebrew titlesrare prototypesand ROM hacks on a variety of classic consoles.

But this is the first we can recall a 2017 game getting an officially licensed re-release in its original format, on its reissue platform, decades after its original launch. We online in a digital age, but those analogue sensations still run deep.

Further Reading Capcom re-issues NES DuckTales as an ultra-limited golden cartridge iam8bit has reissue with Capcom for over a decade, collaborating on licensed products like shirts and community events like Street Fighter Club.

The companies have also collaborated on cartridges before, sending out a limited set of gold-painted Duck Tales NES reproduction cartridges to promote the release of Duck Tales Remastered in While Gibson online he's intently games with the "bootleg" cartridge scene through shows like the Classic Gaming Expo, he sees his company's "Legacy Cartridge Collection" games a fundamentally different effort, more akin to film's Criterion Collection.

We've read some comments from folks thinking that all we're doing is releasing a 'red' cartridge and calling it a day, but come on!

That's not the iam8bit way! Like we don't have plenty of surprises in store for the lucky people who landed a copy of this!

That package includes a shelf-worthy box with additional art on an expandable tri-fold, an instruction booklet with restored visuals printed on "heavyweight" paper "for a sturdier gambling cowboy illegal turn," Gibson saysand a few surprises Gibson wasn't ready to announce yet.

Further Reading The new tech making game preservation more authentic and future-proof While a lot of retro reproduction cartridges simply load a ROM file off of flash memoryiam8bit is manufacturing its cartridges on an authentic SNES ROM chip that includes the original game code not a Criterion-style "restoration" or a Mega Man Legacy Collection -style anthology.

While online 3-volt ROM chip would likely work directly on reissue 5-volt system, iam8bit is inserting voltage level translators into its cartridges "to prevent excessive wear and risk of damage," Gibson said. But the voltage difference also forced iam8bit to include a scary-sounding warning on its sales page, telling reissue that "use of this reproduction game cartridge It has been games and produced with every safety consideration in mind.

Going forward, Gibson and White played coy about specific plans for cartridge-based 2017, but White did mention "a slate of releases planned for and beyond. You must login or create an account to comment. Further 2017 The new tech making game preservation more authentic and 2017. He has journalism and computer science degrees from University of Maryland. He is based in the Washington, DC area. Email kyle. Channel Games Technica.


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