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By Felar


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I'm usually more about how the game looks anyway, unless of course the gameplay is utter crap lol. Sacrificing the interface for the sake of art was a poor design choice. I hate games with giant green arrows obscuring the game and ruining suspension of disbelief.

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Morbid: Pastel Games has just released a new point-and-click game, The art just seems to get in the way of an entertaining experience, and it. Morbid - Chapter 1, a free online Adventure game brought to you by Armor Games. The Black Death stalks the land, but is it a plague.

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CityAM - Imagine sitting back and relaxing in a driverless car Getting from A to B with your feet up and eyes. Games like Resident Evil 1, Silent Hill 2, and Eternal Darkness have defined the genre and turned single games into successful franchises . She'd have to resign and leave her morbidly obese salary in London and buy a cottage in the country. Perhaps keep chickens? Do a 'Liz Jones', even? No way.
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