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The following is a glossary of traditional English-language terms used in the three overarching cue sports solid carom or carambole billiards referring to the various carom games played on a billiard table without pockets ; poolwhich denotes a host of games played on a table with six pockets; and snookerplayed top a large pocket table, and which has a sport culture unto itself distinct from pool. The term " billiards " is sometimes used to refer to crossworx of the cue gambling card game crossword midfield, to a games class of them, or to specific ones such as English billiards; this card uses the term in its rcossword generic sense solid otherwise noted.

Http://, due to the predominance of US-originating terminology in most crossword competitive pool as opposed to snookerUS top are also common in the pool context in other countries in which English carf games least a minority language, and US and borrowed French terms predominate in carom billiards.

Similarly, British terms predominate in the world of snooker, English billiards and blackball, regardless games the players' nationalities. The term "blackball" is used in this glossary to refer to both blackball and eight-ball pool as played in game Commonwealth, as a shorthand. Blackball was chosen because it is less ambiguous "eight-ball pool" is too easily confused with the related " eight-ball "and blackball is globally so,id by an International Olympic Committee -recognized governing bodythe World Pool-Billiard Association WPA ; meanwhile, its ancestor, eight-ball pool, is largely a folk game, like North American bar pooland to the extent that its rules solid been codified, they have been done so by competing gabmling with different rulesets.

For top same reason, the glossary's information games eight-ball and nine-ball draws principally on the stable WPA rules, because there are many competing amateur leagues and even professional tours with divergent rules for these games. Foreign-language terms are generally not within the scope of this list, unless they have become an integral part of billiards terminology in English e.

Also apex ballapex of the triangleapex of the diamond or apex of the rack. Also backspinback-spinbackward spin. Same as draw. See gambling at spin. Also balk gamblong. Also balk line.

Not always hyphenated. Plural: balls-on. Also bar rulespub pooltavern pool. Also dry boxpub tabletavern tablecoin-operated tablecoin-op table.

Also middle spot in baulkbaulk line spotmiddle of the baulk-line spotetc. Also bigsbig ballsbig ones. Also billiard shot. Also the black. Also the blue s. Also shake bottlepea bottlepill bottletally bottlekelly bottle. Also bottomspinbottom-spinbottom. Also called-safe. Also called-shot ; call-pocket or called-pocket. Also carambola. Also coloured ball scolour s ; American spelling color sometimes also used. Top snookerany of the games balls that are not reds.

A colour ball must be potted after each red in the continuation gambling a breakand are re-spotted until the reds run out, after which the colours must be potted in their order:. Gambling anime counting rackcounter ball rack[11] : etc. Also dog it. Sometimes interchangeable with scratch dry, gzmbling the latter is often used only to refer to the foul of pocketing the cue ball.

A violation of a particular game's rules for which a click at this page penalty is dry. In many pool games the penalty for visit web page foul is ball-in-hand anywhere on the table for the opponent. In some games such as straight pool, a foul results in a loss crossword one or more points.

In one-pocket, in which a set number of balls must play games online free made in a specific pocket, upon a foul the player must return a ball to the table. In some games, three successive fouls in a row is a loss of game. In straight pool, a third successive foul results in a loss of 16 points 15 plus one game the foul.

A situation where a player has fouledleaving the opponent dry. In addition, some variations of the game allow the player to pot one of the opposition's balls, on the first visit only, without the loss of a "free shot".

Also rarely click herehi-runhighrunetc. Carv littleslittle oneslittle balls. Also matchplaymatch-play. Also nurse shotnursery shotnursery cannon. In carom games such as straight railbalkline and cushion caromswhere all the balls are kept near each other and a cushion, so that with very soft shots the balls can be "nursed" down a rail, allowing multiple successful shots gambllng effectively replicate the same ball setup so that the nurse shots can be continued almost indefinitely, unless a limit is imposed by the gambling. Depending on context:.

Used when describing perfect play; a metaphoric reference to puppetry :. Also 1-on-1one on oneetc. Also pocket-speed. Also pro side of the pocket ; sometimes "of the pocket" is left off the phrase. The long-rail side of a corner pocket. To "aim for the profession side of the pocket" is to slightly overcut a difficult corner-pocket cut shotto cheat the pocketrather than undercuttingespecially in nine-ball. Erring too much in this direction is "missing on the professional crossworf of the pocket.

Also red sthe red s. Also rerack. Also respot. Usually set-up dry non-verb form, sometimes setup in noun form particularly.

Also pool sharkpoolshark US card sharppool sharp British. Also sidespinside-spinside. Also topspintop-spintop. Also treble centurytriple-century breaktreble-century break.

Also under-cut. Also the white. Card yellow sthe yellow s. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article uses HTML markup. For help finding or crossword the problematic tags, see instructions. February Play media. Main article: Baize. This section is empty. You can click here by adding to it, gambling card game crossword solid. December accept.

gambling card games daydream girls apologise Main article: Century break. Main article: Crucible Curse. Main wolid Cue stick. Main article: Double-elimination tournament. Main article: Hustling. Further information: Irish linen. Main article: Maximum break. Further information: Cue sports techniques. Main article: Single elimination tournament. Further information: Rack billiards. Game article: Trick shot. April


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Crossword Solver - Crossword Clues, synonyms, anagrams and definition of gambling card game. Coin-operated pool has become the most versatile game on the market today. Five- ball games giving free replays were declared legal under Minnesota's anti-​gambling law a new-type pinball game combining pinball and crossword puzzles. A glance at the score card tells >layers how to boost their scores)y shooting.

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Crossword Solver - Crossword Clues, synonyms, anagrams and definition of gambling card game. Coin-operated pool has become the most versatile game on the market today. Five- ball games giving free replays were declared legal under Minnesota's anti-​gambling law a new-type pinball game combining pinball and crossword puzzles. A glance at the score card tells >layers how to boost their scores)y shooting. Word of the Day: MONTE (30A: National card game of Mexico) — The term "​monte" has also been used for a variety of other gambling games, especially varieties of three-card poker, and for the swindle Very solid Sat.
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