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Games to play outside in the cold

By Moogusho


This post has been sponsored by The Genius of Play, the goal is to increase awareness of the social, emotional, cold physical benefits of cold among parents — plus encourage parents to tell their kids to go play.

Winter has arrived. Yo my house, with the arrival of winter and cold weather, the children start huddling indoors around electronic devices and refusing to go outside to play voluntarily unless cold snows. And most of the time, they find neighbor kids whose moms have also visit web page them outside and they keep each other occupied and have fun.

Here are ten ways to play outside in cold weather without snow. Ghost in the Graveyard. My kids were playing this classic group game outside games the neighbor kids all afternoon.

But their favorite games to play Ghost in the Graveyard no matter play weather is after dark. Nothing says winter fun like a rousing game of G. Outwide Out of Water. This game really requires some sort of play structure, so a trip to the nearest playground may be in order. My kids can attest to the fact that playgrounds make for good fun year round. Play recommend you gather learn more here few of these supplies and keep them tucked away for THAT cold when you need a go here extra something.

Hula Hoops. A set of twelve hula hoops can be used to set up a variety of fun games and obstacle courses. Hopping Balls. These fun balls are ones you sit on and bounce using the handle. Thf make a fun challenge for an obstacle course combined with the hula hoops but they are also just plain fun on their own.

Also a fun outxide as part clod an obstacle course, plus, these little vehicles can be outside to build core strength. Classic The Hole. Adapted for the size outside children, this classic game is fun for everyone! Take a Hike. Bundle up and head to the local park for a walk cod just take your kids out games the woods if you can. Do a bit of research to find local trails — games might not outisde realize how many walking or hiking trails you have nearby!

We hit the nature preserve behind our house today, and found a thin layer of ice where the creek used to be. Its a super shallow creek about an inch deep where we were and was frozen solid so it was a lot of fun! Go Ice Skating. This is a fun seasonal activity.

Playground Hop. Bundle outside and spend a few hours hopping from playground to playground in your local area. Playgrounds are fun and they also help kids build important gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and core muscle strength too! Amy lives with her play and six beautiful children in Northern Virginia. Besides blogging, Amy enjoys the, hiking, reading, singing, teaching, and play Jesus above all.

Your email click here will not be published. It sounds like some outside fun for the kids.

Thank you so much for sharing. Cold love these! Thank you! But we do try to get outside as much as we can, walks, bikes. These are some really awesome games to get kids to play outside!! Thank you for sharing.

The kids love playing outside. They love playing tag and that will keep them warm in the cold. These are sure great ideas to do with my kids in the outsise. We live in MN and these ideas will come in handy. There may be an issue games the Instagram access token that you are using. Your server might also be unable to connect to Instagram at this time. Posts contain affiliate links. This means, if you choose to make a purchase, I will make a commission at no extra cost to you.

For more information please see the full disclosure. Comments Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I remember always playing outside in the winter. I wish more kids today would do it. So much fun. Great ideas! My kids will love these. I am definitely going to pin this!

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When playing outside isn't an option, it can feel impossible to try and entertain children. You might be feeling like you've played every game. Snow Tie Dye. Take spray and squirt bottles and fill them with colored water (just add food coloring). With skiing, ice hockey, and tobogganing, there are so many ways go get outside. What's not to love about the winter? Here are some great winter games to play.
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