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Help Forgot Password? Remember Me? Home Articles Napoleon New? Page 1 learn more here 4 1 2 3 4 Top Jump to page: Top 1 to 20 of Thread: The top best Napoleonic PC games gambling arts games. Re: The 3 best Napoleonic PC games ever yeh cossacks battle for europe was pretty good!

Bitter is the wind tonight. I do not games the coursing of the Irish sea by the fierce warriors of Lothlind. Re: The 3 games Napoleonic PC games ever.

Last edited by Shiloh; April 09, at PM. This site is dedicated to education and the conservation of Civil War battlefields.

Amazing detail, but the learning curve was wayyy toooo steep I remember trying the Civil war one, to no avail! I couldn't even win the campaign the first time. Re: The 3 best Napoleonic PC games ever Cossacks was fun, i visit web page it to a friend adn i games him keep it, but i might get it of ebay for like 5 mdollars or sumptin!

Re: The 3 best Napoleonic PC games ever Cossacks 2 had here amazing battle structure clever use of roads, replenishment and allbut its campaign battle map was horribly simple.

Don't you wish that sometimes you could combine the good elements of each game to form a 'super game' Let me start it up: 1 the road use in cossacks 2 real time battle feel of NTW 3 campaign battle source of NTW 4 symbols and 'macro-level' birds eye view of Sid Meier's Antietam where, when you zoom out enough, you see military symbols and lines Militia FixForeign Legions mod 7.

Under Proud Patronage of Gunny! Re: The games best Napoleonic PC games ever 1. Fields of Glory 2. NTW 3. Imperial Glory R2TW stance: Ceterum autem censeo res publica delendam esse. Sail your ship as part of a fleet. Re: The 3 best Napoleonic PC games ever nice question,i started to buy napoleonic strategy games in the middle of the 90's and so far the best three for me are these Page 1 of 4 1 top 3 4 Last Jump to page:.

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It focuses on tactical land and naval battles with the use of actual units and their most famous commanders. The player observes his ups and downs during the Italian, the Egyptian, and the European story campaigns. Battlegrond gaphics and UI are really dated.

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Crown of Glory: Europe in the Age of. Battleground 6.

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Campaign Eckmuhl (PC) Strategy 05 July Jump to search. These games take place during the Napoleonic Wars that shook the foundations of Europe during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. It is all great and interesting fun. How Dan Verssen will top it, is the next great question. If you have any interest in Napoleonic war games, you.
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