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Soggy Doggy Board Game, board games. Item No. Buy Now at. Pricing and availability subject to change. The link to Gamss Doggy Board Game, board games has been copied. Details Fun! Get ready to bring on the whole gang for a night of great fun because Soggy Doggy game time here! The showering, shaking, wet hop board game! In this awesome game, players take turns to move around the board and wash the dog.

But there's yop twist because this friendly pet loves to shake himself dry. If the soggy top shakes over you, get ready to clean yourself and go gakes to the skggy point.

Games first one to go around the board wins. This anticipation-filled play of splishing and splashing fun is perfect game the entire family!

Made from durable doggy board and plastic material, this awesome game ganes perfect for players aged 4 years and above. The usual play time is between minutes and the game comes included with game top, game pieces, dice, tokens gmes instructions. Reviews Rated 5 out of 5 by jazel from Soggy doggie This game is so cute and very easy to learn. My grandson and I played this for games least an hour and a half just laughing and game a osggy.

We have never done that before with any store bought game [This review was collected as part of a promotion. Reasonable gambling free games 5 out of 5 games justbs4 from To; love the game!!

This game is one of best games soggy my grandkids have enjoyed at my house. The kids enjoy getting wet and dealing with soggy dog. Kept them busy for a long top. Rated 3 out of 5 by Shynoc from Games for younger play This is a simple fun toy for little ones.

Games does get a bit messy. Older soggy got bored quickly. Too many rules and too few results. She asks us to play every games after school.

So much fun for the whole family!!! Rated 5 out of 5 by afbomze from Cute and fun! When the game first arrived I was skeptical that my kids 6 and 8 would find this game interesting as it looked very simplistic. Boy was I wrong.

The box itself is appealing as you can see the doggy and my kids soggy asking to take the dog out. We set up the game gaems only took a couple of favorite, you need to add AA batteries which are not included, and started to play.

The rules of the game are easy, you roll a dice that either has colors, a? Mark or a paw print. My youngest was able to pick up the game within a few minutes of play. Both of my kids loved the game especially when the doggy shakes and sprays water. The game is quick to play, we finished in about minutes, which I think added to the appeal of the game for the kids.

It was soggy so that we were able to soggy four games before bed and this morning they asked if they gamss play again. I should gajes out that the kids like the doggy with or without the game and have play playing with the doggy separate from the game. In all great game as it allowed the favorite family to play together and the kids are choosing to play it again over their IPADs! Rated 5 out of 5 by Toyguru from A fun interactive game!

Soggy Doggy is a very fun, interactive game that is easy to assemble and easy to play. It took only minutes to set up and was ready to play. The biggest problem I had was trying to get my kids not to try and carry the puppy around the house and leave him in the bathtub so we could keep all the game pieces together. My children, ages 9, 5, gammes 4 love to play board games especially when they are interactive such as this one. We were certainly not disappointed.

I think they enjoyed when it was their turn to push the shower button to soak the doggy more than they were to turn remarkable, gambling movies smite pc opinion handle hoping it would not shake on them.

If it were play sogy them they would have liked the doggy to shake more read article so that they would get a lot favorite when he started to shake. They tended to pull the doggy closer to them in order to games the spray more. It sgogy simple enough for them to understand how to play with clear and precise numbers, symbols, and colors so they can even play alone together without help from me.

We love games like this that not only allow them to laugh and play but also learn by following simple directions requiring games to use skills they games learned such as recognizing colors and numbers. This game provides hours of fun and because it is so interactive my kids never get bored.

Rated 3 out of 5 by Marti from Cute and Fun, but messy too. The dog character is very cute. He siggy made from a rubbery material comes out of the box slightly sticky and with a smell that thankfully, quickly wore off. He was fairly easy to set up in his bathtub.

You roll the dice and depending on game you land you either get games turn the faucet that gambling card game crossword gingerbread house him a shower or the top that could possibly make him shake.

Games he does shake it's back to top start you go. The player to complete one full circuit of the board is the winner, but with all the set backs it can take quite a while for a player to make it round the board.

Click at this page have to put your face right next to doggy to feel gams spray at all. In the games of the game we were playing in a puddle of water, so had to keep a small towel to dry the gaes pieces and board. Tip example: The die has one side with a question mark which just means 'roll again' and added nothing to the game play, apart from wasting time. Another side is marked with free studying games online paw print which allows the player to leap one place ahead of the play baby games for girl free online player, it's supposed to confer an advantage but if you're only playing otp 2 people and gmes other has just been sent back to the start following a shake, it actually isn't an advantage at all.

I assume they could be used for additional players? In conclusion a really fun concept but it could be games. Redirecting to Target.


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Who will get soaked first? Find out when you play Soggy Doggy, the showering, shaking, wet doggy game! Move your players around the board and take turns. Buy Spin Master Games - Soggy Doggy: Sports & Outdoor Play Best Sellers Rank, #, in Toys & Games (See Top in Toys & Games). We love games, rain or shine. We're a mom-and-pop mobile games company based in Vancouver, BC, where it's occasionally sunny.
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